A tailor-made planning and LEAN tools Solution.
  • Overview:

    SumFive Leanpanels is a multifaceted Lean tools collaboration system, which eliminates oversights, enforces responsibility, and keeps all stakeholders up-to-date on progress. With user-friendly input screens and state-of-the-art analytics, administrators and managers can monitor the health of programs, projects, and tasks with ease.
  • Capacity:

    An unlimited number of users enjoy separate modules for administrators, program & project managers, and team members.
  • Functionality:

    Fluid dashboard reporting and an intuitive alerting system allow administrators and managers to address problems early.
  • Lean Principles:

    Tasks are completed on time, since promised. Productivity is improved and value goes up. Project cost stays in check.



Understand how well your projects, boards, and tasks are doing through an executive-level view.

Pull Plan

Use Pull Plan boards for your Master, Phase, Look Ahead and Weekly Plans.

Sprint in a Pull Plan Way

Use the power of Collaboration of Lean Methodology in a Sprint. Separated the Planning from Execution. A complete visual representation.

Kanban board

See your staging area, what’s current, and what is happening in the next three weeks—as if you’re looking at sticky notes.

Lean templates

Utilize 40+ Lean templates—not just pull planning or Kanban.

PPC charts

Manage all task items to ensure PPC(Planned Percentage Complete) is met.

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